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All-Electric E Series

The all-electric Sioux E Series pressure washer is designed for industries that require the same cleaning power as our larger EN Series pressure washers in a more compact, portable design such as:

Sioux's E-Series electric pressure washers all come standard with steam cleaning functionality as well.  They provide instant and continuous heat without the hassle of preheating storage tanks or a volume of heat transfer fluid. Standard features include a NEMA 4 electrical enclosure, stainless steel float tank, long-life heating elements, and adjustable digital temperature control. Standard E-Series equipment is ETL certified to UL1776, UL 508A, CSA22.2 No. 68 and CSA-C22.2  No. 14 Standards. Meets the National Electric Code (NEC), the Canadian Electric Code (CEC), and complies with OSHA Regulation 1910.303(a). A wide range of options and configurations are available in any voltage in 50 or 60 Hertz.

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Cleaning Processes

The compact, portable design of the E-Series pressure washer/steam cleaner combination machines are perfect for all types of cleaning processes such as:

  • Washing down conveyors
  • Cleaning mixing and storage tanks
  • Disinfecting and sterilizing
  • Removing oil and grease on production equipment, cleaning presses, dies and molds
  • Washing floors and walls
Model #heating sourceFlow
voltsexplosion proof ratedCompare
E2HS1000-220VElectric Element21,000220No
E2HS1500-220VElectric Element21,500220No
E2HS3000-220VElectric Element23,000220No
E2HS1000-380VElectric Element21,000380No
E2HS1500-380VElectric Element21,500380No
E2HS3000-380VElectric Element23,000380No
E3HS2000-380VElectric Element32,000380No
E3HS3000-380VElectric Element33,000380No
E4.5HS2000-380VElectric Element4.52,000380No
E2HS1000-400VElectric Element21,000400No
E2HS1500-400VElectric Element21,500400No
E2HS3000-400VElectric Element23,000400No
E3HS2000-400VElectric Element32,000400No
E3HS3000-400VElectric Element33,000400No
E4.5HS2000-400VElectric Element4.52,000400No
E2HS1000-415VElectric Element21,000415No
E2HS1500-415VElectric Element21,500415No
E2HS3000-415VElectric Element23,000415No
E3HS2000-415VElectric Element32,000415No
E3HS3000-415VElectric Element33,000415No
E4.5HS2000-415VElectric Element4.52,000415No
E2HS1000-440VElectric Element21,000440No
E2HS1500-440VElectric Element21,500440No
E2HS3000-440VElectric Element23,000440No
E3HS2000-440VElectric Element32,000440No
E3HS3000-440VElectric Element33,000440No
E4.5HS2000-440VElectric Element4.52,000440No
E2.4HS1200-208VElectric Element2.41,200208No
E2.4HS1800-208VElectric Element2.41,800208No
E2.4HS3000-208VElectric Element2.43,000208No
E2.4HS1200-240VElectric Element2.41,200240No
E2.4HS1800-240VElectric Element2.41,800240No
E2.4HS3000-240VElectric Element2.43,000240No
E2.4HS1200-480VElectric Element2.41,200480No
E2.4HS1800-480VElectric Element2.41,800480No
E2.4HS3000-480VElectric Element2.43,000480No
E3.5HS2000-480VElectric Element3.52,000480No
E3.5HS3000-480VElectric Element3.53,000480No
E5.4HS2000-480VElectric Element5.42,000480No
E2.4HS1200-575VElectric Element2.41,200575No
E2.4HS1800-575VElectric Element2.41,800575No
E2.4HS3000-575VElectric Element2.43,000575No
E3.5HS2000-575VElectric Element3.52,000575No
E3.5HS3000-575VElectric Element3.53,000575No
E5.4HS2000-575VElectric Element5.42,000575No
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