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Mushroom Substrate Atmospheric Steamer Equipment

Mushroom Substrate Steaming 

To mass-produce mushrooms, you must replicate what nature does in small ecosystems on a large scale. The process involves several steps: substrate selection and preparation, inoculation, colonization, and fruiting. While each stage is critical, substrate preparation is the linchpin for ensuring a successful harvest. The Sioux Steam-Flo is an ideal commercial mushroom atmospheric steam solution. Trusted for decades due to its reliability, the Steam-Flo steam generator offers versatility, flexibility, and consistent performance in a wide range of environments.

The Steam-Flo: Your Substrate Sterilization Solution

You take the time and care to select a substrate that matches the needs of your chosen mushroom. Depending on the species, this substrate may include

  • sawdust
  • clean agricultural waste
  • upcycled paper products
  • plant litter
  • organic post-consumer food waste
  • certain minerals

Proper preparation of this substrate is also vital to success. Whatever substrate you use, it must be free of competing bacteria and mold before inoculation. Eliminating unwanted organisms requires the steam sterilization of mushroom substrate blocks. Optimal steaming temperatures between 205°F and 208°F are necessary for achieving this objective.

The Sioux Steam-Flo delivers world-class performance in the atmospheric steaming of substrate blocks. Various sized models generates between 370 and 3,450 pounds per hour of saturated steam in a matter of minutes, delivering it in an unlimited continuous stream to meet your specific requirements.

Lightweight, Powerful, and Dependable

The Steam-Flo’s features prove its capability as commercial sterilization equipment. It features a boiler plate steel construction plus fiberglass insulation with an outer jacket for quicker reheating and improved protection from hot surfaces. Its power burner provides consistent burning capacity and lower emissions. This ASME-approved unit also incorporates a three-pass dry-back Scotch boiler for a smaller, lighter space-saving design.

By producing an abundance of atmospheric steam, the Steam-Flo can sterilize many substrate blocks simultaneously. Steam from the Steam-Flo will also not affect the integrity of the plastic bags holding the substrate intact. Two other key specifications further demonstrate the Steam-Flo’s suitability as a commercial mushroom substrate steamer:

  • Gauge pressures between 0 and 15 PSIG
  • Steam temperatures between 212°F and 250°F 

The Steam-Flo can be permanently set up with a skid or leg mount unit or made portable with a trailer mounted model. With all these benefits, the Steam-Flo outperforms standard boilers and other commercial mushroom substrate equipment.

Solid Performance Since 1939

With its design, portability, and performance, the Sioux Steam-Flo can improve and streamline your mushroom growing operations. Contact us to request a quote or learn more about purposing the Steam-Flo as a commercial mushroom substrate steamer.

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