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Rail Heating

Certain liquid products thicken during rail transportation, particularly when exposed to low temperatures. Our rail tank heating equipment systems provide a cost-effective solution to ensure the safe and efficient unloading of these products.

Sioux Rail Tank Heating Systems

At the Sioux Corporation, we are proud of the design and operating capabilities of our Steam-Flo® steam generator. It works to effectively heat rail cars and their contents, making unloading simple and quick. Additionally, operators can also use this low-pressure steam system for deep-cleaning rail cars.

Steam-Flo® Accessories for Rail Tank Car Heating

We manufacture the Sioux Steam-Flo® generator as a turnkey product. However, our engineers have designed several accessories to make using our rail tank heating equipment even more effective.

The Sioux Condensate Return System

The Sioux Condensate Return System is a portable accessory that turns the standard Steam-Flo® steam generator into a closed-loop system. By collecting and recycling the condensate and water used during steam heating, the Condensate Return System:

  • Cuts down on the amount of water needed for steam generation (and the time it takes to refill portable tanks)
  • Increases system efficiency
  • Prevents condensate from creating mud or ice under the railcar
  • Reduces scale buildup inside the steam generator


The Sioux Air Churn

The Sioux Air Churn injects large air bubbles into rail cars to agitate viscous materials. This small, lightweight unit operates off 115V power. Rail operators can use the Air Churn alongside the Sioux Steam-Flo® generator to reduce heating time. Features of the Air Churn include:

  • 35-foot cord with GFCI plug
  • Adjustable timer which allows the user to change cycle time and pulse time to fit the requirements of the railcar product
  • Pulsing solenoid valve rated for millions of cycles
  • Weatherproof enclosure to protect the control circuit, pulsing valve, start/reset switch, and timer

Advantages of the Sioux Steam-Flo® Steam Generator

The Steam-Flo® generator offers several advantages over other systems:

    • It produces up to 3,450 lbs. of steam per hour, so you can heat multiple cars at once. This can greatly reduce the time it takes to empty tanker contents. 
    • Choose between portable (trailer) or stationary mounting, giving you increased flexibility.
    • Available accessories increase the performance and efficiency of the Steam-Flo® rail heating steam generator. 


Premium Industrial Rail Tank Heating Equipment

At Sioux Corporation, we design and manufacture premium industrial rail tank heating systems to address industry tank heating needs. Contact us for a quote on our Steam-Flo® steam generator.


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