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Soil Steaming 

Using a commercial soil steamer is a highly effective way to prepare soil in your greenhouses, high tunnels, or open fields for planting. It uses steam to rid the substrate of fungi, diseases, invasive species, weed seeds, and other harmful biological materials. Using steam before planting gives you larger, healthier plants with improved yields.

How the Sioux Commecial Soil Steamer Works?

Sioux's various sized commercial steam generator models produces 370-3,450 lbs. of steam per hour. A steam sock and tarp allow you to deliver steam evenly to the area. Smaller Sioux steam generators heats a single 20' x 100' section of soil up to 180° Fahrenheit (82° C). Multiple sections can be heated simultaneously with larger models.

We recommend that you allow the soil to remain at 170°-180° Fahrenheit (76°-82°C) for a minimum of 30 minutes. Sustaining this temperature range for at least half an hour removes:

  • Weed seeds
  • Harmful pathogens
  • Nematodes
  • Other contaminants



The total steaming time can change according to soil type and ambient temperatures. When the steaming process is complete and the soil is cool again, you are ready to plant.



Learn More About the Different Steam-Flo Models!

Steam-Flo® Accessories For Soil Steaming

Advantages of Using Soil Steaming Equipment

Using a Sioux steam generator offers you many advantages.

Cost Effective

Steaming and reusing existing soil saves you money. You don't have to pay to dispose of contaminated soil or bring in new growing media. You can use steam to do the job instead of paying for costly chemicals.


You are practicing environmental stewardship by using steam to clean your soil and growing media. A commercial soil steamer uses clean water to kill pathogens, eliminating the need for hazardous or now-banned chemicals. Using soil steaming equipment produces clean, organic, and reusable growing media.

Growers Benefit from Sioux Soil Steaming Equipment

Growers that benefit from soil steaming equipment include:

  • Vegetable growers
  • Ornamental growers
  • Tree farms
  • Cannabis growers
  • Hemp growers
  • Other types of commercial growing operations

Advantages of a Sioux Commercial Soil Steamer

Sioux manufactures soil steaming equipment in the USA. We have been in business since 1939 and use decades of knowledge to build our equipment. Sioux makes soil steamers that last for decades, and we provide lifetime support for our products.

We test everyone of our steam generators so that you can depend on it to work when and where you need it. Our products meet multiple certifications and are certified for international use.

Commercial Soil Steamers for Your Applications

Contact Sioux today for a commercial soil steamer for your requirements. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to specific industries and has the expertise to help you select your product. We support you through your product's life so you can confidently purchase from us.

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FAQ About Soil Steaming

Steam is organic and doesn’t use chemicals. Steam will help your farm remain successful and organic.

Studies have shown the answer is no. After the soil has reached 180°F (82°C), growers maintain the soil temeprature for another 30 minutes (dwell time). Studies have shown this safely eliminates the bad biology, as they are more sucestible to heat, leaving the good biology to survive and thrive.

Studies have shown that when plants are grown in steamed soil, shelf life and yield can icnrease by as much as 30%.

Studies have shown 180°F (82°C) safely pasteurizes the soil, eliminating pathagens, viruses, bacteria, weeds, pest, etc...

Sioux steam generators are extremely simple to operate; quality and ease of operation are our top priorities. The controls are simple and straightforward; three switches stand between you and steam. Check out some of our videos on startup, operation and maintenance of a Steam-Flo steam generator.

What People are saying about steaming soil with the Steam-Flo®

You betcha' we’re excited to have our brand-new Sioux SF-20 steam generator! We started steaming our vegetable high tunnels over a year ago and quickly learned the benefits of steam – no weeds, no soil borne diseases and no cool season insects. Healthier crops and no weeding mean, happy farm workers, farm owners and more profits. With more high tunnels going up every year on the farm, we knew it was time to upgrade to the best. The Sioux machine is extremely well designed, built and generates three times the steam output of our vintage steam machine. That means less time steaming and more time growing! We particularly like the ease of operation and street legal trailer complete with lights and electric brakes. Won’t be long before my farm neighbors will be calling to rent our machine. Thank you, Team Sioux! Sassafras Creek Organic Farm – Maryland
We worked with Sioux Corporation to purchase an SF-50 Steam-Flow Generator. Everything about using steam was new to us, so we appreciated the time they spent teaching us about the process before jumping in. We were invited to tour their manufacturing facility, and were impressed by the quality of their product. Ours was not a typical application for a boiler, as we are using it to sterilize soil in a greenhouse. Sioux and their engineers were able to offer suggestions on sizing the boiler, and setting it up for the most efficient output. In the final stages they also provided documentation to streamline our inspection process in our home state (MN). I have no doubt we will work with them again as we consider another boiler for one of our other locations. Bailey Nurseries – Minnesota
Our Sioux boiler is an invaluable tool on our farm. Steaming soil not only enhances plant health, but reinvigorates our soil by eliminating harmful pests that would damage our crops. This proactive approach saves us hassle and headache later in the production of our crops. Steaming lays the groundwork for a healthy start to the plant's life, healthier plants yield better flowers which will continue to help us provide premier cut flowers to our customers. The boiler is fairly easy to use and the support from knowledgeable staff at Sioux boiler is invaluable. They will give you the support you need to succeed with their technology and their boiler technicians are readily available to help you troubleshoot. Once you implement steam sterilization at your farm, you will see incredible results for yourself. We couldn't be happier with our boiler and the Sioux staff. Forget Me Not Farms – Michigan
I purchased the Sioux SF-20 Steam Generator for use at the National Ornamental Research Site at Dominican University (NORS-DUC) in San Rafael, CA. We perform research on soil pathogens and are required to kill those pathogens at the end of the experiments. The SF-20 is the perfect choice for what we need to accomplish. The steam output is quite impressive for the amount of diesel it consumes. With this unit I am able to increase my steam area from my former operations with the Sioux SF-11 (yes, I'm a repeat customer). The machine works reliably throughout the year with never as much as a hiccup. One of the impressive things about purchasing from Sioux is the availability of their team when I need to speak to someone. Whether its sales or technical issues they are very responsive and helpful in keeping me running, even when I'm at a remote site in the heat of things. I find the SF-20 to be a very dependable and powerful unit. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone seeking high levels of steam output and at an affordable price. Vernon H. – California