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Container Steaming 

Container steaming answers the call for an efficient method for preserving organic growing media and providing a sustainable solution for clean soil. Sioux offers customizable container steamers to benefit your growing project. With the increasing awareness around the use of harsh chemicals in agricultural practices, companies can save money and be environmentally conscience with this simple solution.

Features of the Steam-Flo Container Steamer

With agriculture container steaming equipment, you can steam in bulk. This machine's efficiency is evident in the features:

  • Simple design and controls
  • Redundant safety features
  • Easy to maintain & built to last

The water feeder automatically maintains the correct level of water inside the vessel, and with a standard 65-gallon tank, you get eight hours of continued use.

Various sized models of the Sioux container steamer produces 370 to 3,450 pounds of steam an hour, allowing you to heat a containers, such as a 20' or 40' shipping container up to 180°F. The amount of time needed to reach your target temperature can depend on several factors, including the media to be steamed and ambient temperatures. Keeping the media between 170°F and 180°F for at least 30 minutes will destroy harmful nematodes, pathogens, and weed seeds.

Steam-Flo® Accessories For Container Steaming

The Benefits of Steam Over Chemical Cleaning

Steam is a tested and proven method for cleaning soil, trays, pots, benches, and other planting containers. You can eliminate the presence of insects, weeds, diseases, and other contaminants. Using steam rather than harsh chemicals creates a less hazardous operation and produces safer soil for healthier organic products.

Steam's efficacy never wanes. While weeds can adjust to resist chemical herbicides over time, heat destroys plants by rendering them unable to grow or complete photosynthesis. As well, you can use the labor you would normally need to complete chemical cleaning for more productive activities without sacrificing your overall yield.

Finding Container Steaming Equipment for Your Job

At Sioux, we offer custom solutions to maximize the efficiency of our container steamer for your operation. For example, you can order your steamer on a skid with forklift pockets to make it more mobile and well-balanced. Speak with a container steaming expert to discuss your operational needs and what we can do to improve your growing process. Contact us for more information and to find a sustainable solution to clean your organic media.

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What People are saying about container steaming

The (tree) nursery purchased the generator two seedlings season ago. The nursery was beginning to enter container production and needed a way to sterilize and reuse its seedling trays. I contacted the Sioux Company, and they helped me find a steam generator that would work for our needs. Two shipping containers were purchased and piped directly to the steam generator. This process allowed us to load both containers with palletized trays and steam them simultaneously. The first year we operated without insulation, and it took over 5 hours to get to temperature. After using closed cell insulation, due to the water content, trays can now be steamed in under two hours. A data logger was added initially to allow us to track temperature and see the effectiveness of the insulation. The Sioux (steam) generator has helped us to expand, reuse, and become more sustainable in our growing container operations. Virginia Department of Forestry - State of Virginia