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Latest News Sioux All-Electric Versus Tank Style Systems

Sioux All-Electric Versus Tank Style Systems

Sioux has benefits of electric power washers that use electric immersion heating elements that provide instantaneous heat and full operating temperature within minutes. Our design does not require any pre-heating for 1-2 hours before use, like tank style systems do, so cleaning can be preformed immediately when required. 

No heat transfer fluid is required for heating the water as we use a direct immersion heating element in a hydrostatically tested vessel. Many tank style units have a 80-120 gallon heat transfer tank adding additional size and weight to the overall unit, limits portability, and results in standby energy losses when the unit not used because this fluid must be re-heated before next use.
Sioux units provide continuous, consistent heating so cleaning efficiency is not compromised over long term use of the unit. The system can run continuously and indefinitely without a drop in the outlet temperature. In a tank style system, the outlet temperature of the unit will decrease after extended use because the heat transfer fluid cools down (as does a tank style home water heater after continual use). This will impact the operator's ability to do his or her job, because of the lower temperature requires cleaning to be stopped to allow for re-heating of the heat transfer fluid.
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